My Upcoming Weightlifting Program

Watch out for my upcoming workout program!

I will enhance how you move, give you true athletic power, make your entire body more resilient and boost your physical performance in virtually all activities.

The exercises incorporate big motions, often getting all four limbs included, to fire up lots of different muscle groups and receive the entire body working together as a single athletic unit.

It is 1 thing being able to lift heavy weights for isolation exercises such as bicep curls, but you should also have the power and control to say, do a bicep curl while doing a lunge and then come up with a shoulder push. As you’ve just trained your body to stand in 1 spot whilst moving weights, are you truly strong through your entire body, or just good at bicep curls?

For the weightlifting section, you may need some good weightlifting shoes. I recommend these –

Another element of my training regime is what I call ‘electricity’ and “true flexibility.” Many men and women focus on flexibility by holding stationary stretches, which will have advantages, but when your body is not utilized to getting in and out of the position quickly, it could actually make you more vulnerable to injury.

Furthermore, if your only flexibility training is holding stretches, then you will not be building strength through you full motion range. As an example, if you can squat right down “ass to the ground” or come to a low lunge, that is excellent, but you’ll find far more fat-burning and exercise benefits from the exercises if you can perform them holding weights.